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Do you know the secret behind a developed nation? Women empowerment.

Over 49.57% of the world’s population comprises women. Whether you agree or not, women are the backbone of society. A big number of women don’t even get the opportunity to show the world their skills. Great movements had been run by females in history to acquire basic women’s rights. However still the gender inequality in the society has not ended.

To empower a woman is to provide her dignity, right to choose, right to approach new opportunities, right to literacy and summing up, right to control her life. Multiple hurdles stand in the way of a woman’s success and to reach the same position as a man in society. These complications may include male dominance, racism, wage inequality, lack of opportunities, workplace disparity, harassment, and safety issues. Studies show around  71% of females become the target of gender inequality daily.


From Christine de Pizan to Meghan Markle, feminist are going an extra mile to create awareness in bringing women empowerment into practice.  Women should be independent and their overall status in society should get a boost. Men of today need to learn the drastic change a woman can bring in the economic affairs of a house, of a nation and of the world. Not letting the women avail the opportunities and showcase the world what she can is the actual loss of talent as they form almost half of the society. Let’s join hands and play our part. Put a glance on how we can help our women grow,

How to empower women: 

  1. Bestow rights:

No one is asking for something extravagant. According to the UN every single human deserves basic rights. Every woman should get the right to live with liberty, make decisions, get freedom of opinion and expression and the right to work and education.

  1. Gender equality:

Unfortunately we live in a male dominance culture. Whether domestically or professionally male are considered superior. Wage inequality and lack of resources causes a great hindrance in the success of women. Society should follow the equality rule and provide equal platforms.

  1. Wipe out harassment:

Harassment has been a major factor women think twice before stepping out. Society should become secure for all and whoever crosses the line should become an example for the rest.

  1. Access to opportunities and resources:

The first step to help women grow is to provide them with sufficient opportunities and resources. Whether you talk about education, job opportunities, leading platforms, or nutrients and a healthy lifestyle, all of them are significant.

  1. Support their work:

Women can do wonders if provided with the right platform. Women of today are proving this by acing their jobs or by being an entrepreneur. This support may be financial, social assistance or cognitive. 

  1. Enhance networking:

We as a society should form communities that connect women with women. These communities will serve as an ultimate support system and will provide a platform for women to share their experiences and pull each other up.

To grow as a society, empowering women should be brought into notice. Women are a part of society and by taking small majors we can bring a big change. 

Let’s join hands and support our women for a better tomorrow.  

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